How to Wear a Poncho

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The first of July marks the middle month of winter and that means more cold days and nights to ensue! You may not be interested in donning this trend because you don't fancy yourself a caped superhero, but pulling off this outerwear essential is surprisingly easy!

We love this trend because it flatters all shapes and sizes (plus-size included), is functional (actually keeps you warm) and is fantastic for those days when you honestly couldn't face thinking about what to wear!

Images via Pinterest
Above is just two examples, of the many, from the sea of Pinterest - there are so many style ideas. However, we have one particular poncho in mind and it is of course one of ours! Meet the Speckled Poncho $69: Shop Now

1. Speckled Poncho $69: Shop Now
2. Graffiti Print Scarf $29: Shop Now
3. Black Leggings $19.95: Shop Now
4. Tan Ava Zip Leather Tote $199: Shop Now
5. Martin Place Boot $149: Shop Now

When you're planning on wearing a poncho, remember to keep it simple - let your outerwear do the talking! That said, keep your accompanying pieces fitted to avoid looking like you've rolled out in your pyjamas and thrown on the couch throw! The key is to keep the items underneath simple and structured. We love with black leggings or jeans, boots and a scarf for a bit of textured highlighting!

A cape is ideal for the weekend, embrace the outdoorsy aspect and wear to the sporting sidelines or cosy up in the grass for a picnic - afternoon delights! The look reads relaxed, but yes you did try this morning!

If you're still not convinced, or you're a little bit on the shorter side - I think a textured and/or longer knit would suffice. There's no need to wear too much fabric if there isn't much of you to begin with!

1. Grey Patterned Knit $59: Shop Now
2. Cobalt Wide Brim Hat $69.95: Shop Now

So the next time you go to throw on a chunky sweater, put on a cozy knit poncho instead! The poncho piece serves as the ideal layer over your favourite wardrobe basics.

The Poncho - Would you & why? Do you & how?


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