Season Finale- Nina Watch

Thursday, 15 September 2016

It might be cheesy but I definitely got some warm fuzzy feelings towards the end of that episode. Maybe not so many as in past season finales but I definitely can’t complain about the way it wound up! Was anyone else slightly surprised/alarmed by that morning after end shot?!

I was also terrified that the season was going to end with a stillborn baby and that was something I was not ready for on my Wednesday night (even if I had nachos to help me feel better). Through all this we got to lay our eyes on some premium end of season ‘Nina Proudman’ style and indulged in the last hit until next season (that’s happening right?):

Air of Change
This is a classic Nina workday look of comfy blue culottes, a stripey tee, knee high boots and a belt at the waist. I love how clean this look is despite being a mix of boho and modern styles. Nina also has my favouite type of accessory on: rose. A solid bangle, small pendant necklace and embellished drop earrings make her work look sparkle!

Second Chance Chic
I was so happy when Nina got that second chance date (not that I quite think she deserved it since she is totally a walking drama magnet) and I was interested to see her in all black since the funeral at the start of the season had a no-black mandate. Here Nina wears a spotty sheer blouse, tan waist belt, black midi skirt and a simple silver bar necklace. Again we see her knee high tan boots, a bit disappointing that she couldn’t have gone for something a bit more delicate and cute!

Party In The Park
How can she look fabulous even while delivering a baby?! That cream blouse has a gorgeous V form but what really sold me were those sleeves! It looks Nina has paired this with a lacy cami underneath, a pair of worn denim jeans and her classic knee high boots. On the accessory front we have gold drop earrings and layers of gold necklaces including a rose quartz pendant, matched well with a cream/pink/purple light printed scarf.

How have you recreated your favourite Offspring looks?

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