When it’s too hot to think

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The heatwave is here, and it’s a bad one. We have all had these days before: after stepping out of the shower, it’s just too darn hot to be able to make up your mind about clothing. 

Since going naked is not a legal option (and also a bit risky under the Aussie sun), it’s important to know the key tips and tricks to beating the heat when getting dressed in the morning:

1. Breathable fabrics

While this may seem like an obvious choice, it’s easy to overlook what our clothes are made of in cooler weather so you might get caught out with something that seems light but traps heat. Cotton and linen breathe well, giving you more breeze and comfort, especially when walking about and jumping in and out of cars. Rayon on its own is also quite light although not as breezy so it is better worn in loose shapes.

2. Keep it loose!
If you’re on holidays or hanging around the house, grab a wide and light kaftan to make the most of the breeze. No one will mind if it’s shorter in this weather! The best options are with open shoulders, deep necklines and extra room around your legs. An off-shoulder dress or loose-sleeve top matched with wide leg pants are also easy go-to outfits if you need to head out the door!

3. Open, slip-on shoes
Socks and sneakers are just not an option! If you need to cover your toes or are expecting a long day of walking, the Sidecut shoes by Rollie are great with their comfy sole and punched-out diamond pattern that lets air flow in. However, if you have the option then go for less coverage; the best styles will be those that don’t require buckling like the Pink Island Embellished Sandals.

4. Stay Sun Safe

With brutal heat comes brutal sunburn, even when it is overcast. Grab some organic sunscreen (at least SPF20+), a wide-brim hat like the Seafolly Lizzy Hat and a pair of decent dark-tinted or reflective sunglasses. If you’re keen for a tan, avoid turning yourself into a crisp and instead use tanning products that are enhanced by the sun whilst also protecting you. 

5. Drink water
I know this one also seems obvious, but it’s so easy to forget! Make it fun by keeping a jug with slices of lemon and mint, brewing up some iced tea or indulging in a few pieces of watermelon! (The kids might get on board with that too!)
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What heat-beating ideas do you have for this Summer?
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