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Friday, 29 May 2015

At Blue Bungalow we're interested in women looking and feeling their best, regardless of their size. For this reason we thought we could offer a few style tips (and by that I don't mean a comprehensive style guide) that could help embrace your full-figure body.
These suggestions might not be for everyone but feel free to take them on board!

1. Wide necklines and v-necklines are flattering
Wide necklines lengthen the neck and create a balance between shoulders & hips. V-necklines are also perfect if you want your body to look longer. If you have narrow shoulders but are wider through the hips then wear a rounded neckline and balance with a long necklace! If you opt for a v-neck and you have a full bust ensure that the v-neck stops right above your cleavage. 

Our Lulu Knit Dress (below) is a great layering piece for this winter, sports the perfect v-neckline and comfortably covers the lumps and bumps! This style runs large and a size 12 comfortably fits a small! 

Grey & Black Stripe Lulu Knit Dress $59: Shop Now
Black Lulu Knit Dress $59: Shop Now

2. Don't be afraid of stripes
You can wear horizontal stripes! However, stripes need to be medium to large scaled (like on the Lulu Knit Dress in stripe above) for them to be flattering. Horizontal stripes look best on body parts that need some widening for example, if you're smaller on the top half wear a horizontal stripe top and vice versa.

3. Scale it
This tip is simple, scale everything to your size - wear wider belts and larger prints. The same goes for accessories, small and dainty accessories will make you look big in comparison. We love our handmade necklaces by Coast Etc as they balance a larger bust and frame. I personally love the tassel style (Shop here) as I'm larger busted and the weight of the necklace means it doesn't awkwardly fall between my cleavage!

1. Two Strand Handmade Necklace (Blue) $49: Shop Now
2. Cube Necklace (Green) $10: Shop Now
3. Two Strand Handmade Necklace (Coral) $49: Shop Now

4. Flatter your waist
Flattering your waist helps define your shape and can make you look and feel slimmer. If your waist is on the wider or fuller side wear clothes that nip at the thinnest part of your waist. These printed tops are fantastic as they nip you in at the waist but are fuller through out the stomach to cover any weight you might carry in this area (I know it goes straight to my stomach and thighs!). The elastic in the waist makes it comfortable and doesn't feel like you can't breathe when being cinched. This style of top also agrees with our round neckline rule and features 3/4 sleeves to cover any unwanted areas of the arms!

1. Navy Mutli Paisley Top $49: Shop Now
2. Blue Multi Paisley Top $49: Shop Now

5. Blue Bungalow Favourites
A Blue Bungalow favourite is our Draped Top $49 Shop Now (above) and is a one size fits all style. It looks great paired back with fitted skirts & bottoms. If you're narrow through the shoulders this shape is fantastic. Another plus is the fabrication, it's lightweight and I find it dries over night after washing!
Please note - our Draped Top is also available in Navy and Red!

Another crowd favourite is a kaftan (see below)! This particular style has a v-neckline and vertical detailing. This strong detail makes people's eye go up and down and has a slimming effect. Our silk kaftans are one size fits all but they comfortably fit sizes 8-18. If you're interested in covering your knees then we have maxi styles as well! Kaftans are great for occasions - put on your party shoes, simple accessories and you're good to go!

1. Silk Kaftan Dress - Black with White Embroidery $290: Shop Now

And there you have it a couple of tips and tricks from us to now it's your turn:

What tips do you have for plus size dressing? Or what makes you feel flattered and fabulous?


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