How To Wear a Fedora

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I've been on Pinterest a lot lately - and when I say that I mean hours (we've now got boards for projects, DIY, holidays and well just about everything). Through out my travels I came across too many fantastic outfits and I kept noticing one thing, fashion icons and celebs wear a lot of hats - and they look damn good doing it!
I've always been afraid of wearing a hat and looking like an idiot, and of all the hat varieties - the Fedora is the scariest. So...that set the challenge and tone for this post - how does one wear a fedora as effortlessly as Jen and Reese and look SO good when doing it?

Images via Pinterest
Provided that it's winter and we're a little bit chillier than in the outfits above we're going to be working with felt fedoras and winter warmers. Keep in mind that the fedora is a more masculine style as it is slightly structured, but the floppiness of the felt ensures you still feel feminine. 

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This outfit is casual and you look like you're meant to be outdoors. In the case of this outfit, the fedora is the finisher - it makes the combo look polished! I thought this combination was a good start for a "non hat wearer" as the colour and shape of the hat is classic, and the accompanying pieces aren't too bold either. I can't help but want to take this ensemble to the park and enjoy the sun.

1. Grey Western Felt Hat $79: Shop Now
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4. Black Ponte Midi Skirt $39.95: Shop Now
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Now this outfit might not being everyone's cup of tea - nor does it suit everyone's lifestyle (little hands would just love to pull on this cape)! But, it's a stark contrast to the previous combination. I certainly see this outfit gracing the beaches of Byron or paired back with ponte pants for a picnic in the park. In this case the fedora is the statement - for the more advanced (ok, I'm just not ready) hat wearer!


Previous to my research I had enough trouble practising sun safety let alone wearing a hat as a fashion accessory. Now I'm no expert but a couple of tips I picked up made me feel more confident in not only wearing, but also choosing a hat:

Consider brim width - the wider the brim the more feminine you'll feel. It's a matter of proportion but you don't want to overdo it! There's always a limit to your love. Like everything else in fashion ensure that your hat flatters your face.

You're not, "not a hat person" - I have been avoiding hats because I thought I wasn't a hat person. Apparently there's no such thing. Like a lot of things in life you just need to exude confidence. That means no fidgeting, taking it off or just plain hiding under the brim.

Think classic - The common denominator for a lot of these Pinterest posts is one thing, classic shapes and/or colours. If the colour is wild the shape is structured and vice versa. Just like shoes you want to ensure your hat goes with more outfits than one. I personally think of four outfits I could wear something with before I buy it (this rule doesn't just apply to hats).

If you apply these tips hats can be great for a number of things - finishing your outfit, protecting your skin and my favourite, covering up a bad hair day! It's safe to say I haven't tried wearing a hat inside though so I ask:

Do you wear hats? What style do you love and where do you wear it?


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