Post-Baby Style Session

Sunday, 6 September 2015

On Friday I was lucky enough to spend the morning with Leisa, Ali and Catherine. If you're new to us the ladies can be quickly introduced as:

  • Leisa, a mum of three, works in-store on Tuesdays and Fridays! She is a devout celebrant of Fri-Yay and is our visual merchandising fairy.
  • Ali, of Ali Kay Style, used to work for Blue Bungalow but has since left us. But don't worry she didn't stray too far - she still comes in for occasional modelling and style sessions. Ali is also a mother of two.
  • Catherine, a mum of three, was chosen last week to be our post-baby star for a style session and is absolutely lovely!
All three of these women can recognise that "taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids", however we can all agree that sometimes such a simple thing can be very difficult! No one is more exhausted and stressed than new mums so we're trying to make sure women remember themselves amongst the mess of nappies, breastfeeding and minimal sleep!
The pressure to do a million other things often leaves what you wear at the bottom of the priorities list, BUT, wearing the right clothing can minimise stress and simply make you feel good about yourself. This is important when you feel like you're having an out of body experience AND when you're carrying extra kilos that you really don't want.

Ali started the morning giving Catherine fresh hair and make-up (it was Catherine's birthday so the timing couldn't have been more perfect) and then the styling session began. The aim was to get Catherine into outfits that she wouldn't normally pick, looked great in BUT were also practical...Catherine expressed that it's been hard to feel good in her clothes for some time and we don't blame her when she's chasing after three little ones!

We managed to find four outfits for Catherine in the time that we allowed, she is still breastfeeding Lachlan of 6 months so we needed to make sure too much yapping didn't happen! 

1. Light Wash Denim Jacket $69: Shop Now
2. Navy Striped Midi Dress $69.95: Shop Now 

1. Black Raglan Top $69.95: Shop Now
2. Black Capri Pant $79.95: Shop Now
3. Two Strand Necklace $49: Shop Now
4. Spot on Tee $99.95: Shop Now
5. White Jeans $79.95: Shop Now

1. Shades of Spring Shirtdress $169.95: SOLD OUT
2. Navy Pratten Clutch $29: Shop Now
3. Gold Ankle Strap Sandal $119.95: Shop Now

Catherine looked great in all the outfits but we decided that the last outfit (shirtdress) was our favourite. Catherine agreed but also took the sandals, spot on tee and white jeans home! 

Why the shirtdress? Breastfeeding is challenging enough and what you wear can add to your frustration. The shirtdress was the best option as Catherine felt great in it, the colours are gorgeous and breastfeeding is a breeze. Having a relaxed fit and buttons ensures you can undress discreetly and quickly to attend to the screaming and squirming baby you're surely faced with!

When you're too small for maternity clothes and that little bit too big for your normal wardrobe it can be hard to feel stylish! We endeavour to change this and encourage mums to feel attractive and comfortable in their own skin! Making good clothing choices can take the pressure off getting back your pre-baby body and gives you more time to treasure your children! 

We'd like to think that Catherine had fun and she was kind enough to say she "really enjoyed the experience. Leisa had me trying on things I never would have even gone near. Loved that she chose clothing that was practical but made me feel pretty :)".

Don't have time for a styling session? Check out our Shopping Service!

What are your post-baby wardrobe tips?


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