Layering in 4 Easy Steps

Monday, 16 May 2016

As the weather gets cooler, we grab for more layers and thicker fabrics to stay warm… but how do you add pieces without looking uncoordinated and frumpy?

Well ladies, we’re here to break it down for you in 4 easy steps. This is our go to guide for adding warmth and style, and to have you layering like a pro in no time.

Skinny pant, straight skirt or longline dress

Begin with either a longline dress, or a straight skirt or skinny pant with a simple tee. You want it to be comfortable, fit your body well, and be a simple design that you can easily add to.

A top like the Black Relaxed Tee is a perfect base as its soft, long sleeved and falls nicely over the body. Choose comfortable pants or jeans that slim your figure and look sleek, such as the Black Jacquard Ponte Pant. If you're a dress kind of girl, a winter knit dress is your perfect base. We love the Colorado Roll Neck Dress which comes in Oatmeal Striped, Charcoal, and Black.

HOT TIP: A general guideline with layering is that the hem of the jacket shouldn’t extend too far below the hem of the dress. Having your base longer than the top layer will give a lengthened and slimming appearance.


Sleeveless vest, cape or drape knit

One of our favourite layering techniques is to add a vest. Vests don’t cover your arms so you won’t get overheated in them. And the best part… if your arms are on the bigger side, a vest won’t make you feel tight and restricted! Win!

If you prefer your arms to be covered but still want to avoid that tight restricted feeling, a cape is your best friend! Capes, or even a loose drape knit top, add more coverage than a vest, but the loose fit and drapery is extremely comfortable and flattering, especially on curvy women!

HOT TIP: If a cardigan or jacket is your thing, make sure your base layer isn’t loose in the arms as you don’t want it to bunch up in your jacket sleeve. Wear a tee or tank to avoid this problem.

Scarf, necklace and earrings

Layering a scarf around your neck is a great way to stay warm on those cooler days and can add a pop of colour and texture to your outfit. If you’re wearing a round or high neck top, adding a long drop necklace is perfect for elongating your frame. Add a pair of statement studs or drop earrings for that finishing touch.  

Shoes, boots or sneakers

Complete your outfit with a pair of shoes, boots, or sneakers that compliment your look. Boots are a winter essential and can be easily worn with most autumn and winter outfits. If you want a more casual look, or plan on doing a lot of running around, a pair of neutral sneakers is a great option.

HOT TIP: Another simple way to layer is to add a pair of tights or ponte pants underneath your favourite dress and finish with a cute ankle boot. This is a great way to transition your Spring/Summer wardrobe into the cooler months.

We love layering and want you to love it too! Show us how you layer by tagging us on Instagram (@bluebungalow).


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