5 Winter Accessories You Need Right Now

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sometimes you're on a budget or you feel too fat to try on clothes...it's in these dark moments that I turn to accessories. I justify accessories as investment pieces because I almost always wear them more than once and they generally fit without trying them on. In winter I use accessories to jazz up my outfit - I can easily grab them when running for the door!

This post is dedicated to five of our favourite winter accessories - a chunky scarf, felt hat, ankle boots, sunglasses and a gorgeous leather bag!

1.  Green, Orange and Purple Scarf $39: Shop Now
2. Black Felt Fedora $64.95: Shop Now
3. Navy and Red Scarf $39: Shop Now
4. Red Felt Fedora $64.95: Shop Now
5. Black Martin Place Ankle Boots $149: Shop Now
6. Tan Chance Ankle Boot $179: Shop Now
7. Sage Blue Tortoiseshell Glasses $79.95: Shop Now
8. Tan Ava Zip Leather Tote $199: Shop Now
9. Black Pony Crossover Satchel $109: Shop Now

1. Chunky Scarf
A chunky scarf is practical and can easily lift your outfit. For $39 you're not breaking the bank, can hide it from hubby and if it gets a bit warmer through the day you can always take it off. If you wear a lot of block colours we suggest a print or texture to create another element to your look. The two scarves we featured for this post are on the heavier side (perfect for you ladies down south) but they're also super soft!

Felt Hats & Chunky Scarves
2. Felt Hat
A felt hat has winter written all over it! If you invest in a quality style it should be made from 100% wool - the two styles pictured above certainly are! If you're unsure on how to wear a hat or whether you can, read out previous post "How to Wear a Fedora". My personal pick is the Red Felt Fedora, it is the perfect pair to our Navy and Red Chunky Scarf.

3. Ankle Boots
If heels aren't your thing i.e you're running around after children, or on your feet ALL day, flat ankle boots are for you! With winter about to hit us with it's full force its important to keep your toes warm (simple logic but true). Boots can be worn with socks, stockings or jeans. However, if you opt to tan we would avoid wearing black tights - it tends to cut you off and make your legs look shorter than they actually are!

Tan Chance Boot
4. Sunglasses 
Sunglasses are really an all year round accessory - but if you're a seasonal shopper like I am the new collection from ROC is too hard to resist! The Blue Sage pair we pictured earlier looks black at first glance but shines blue in the winter sun!

5. Leather Bag
Remember how I said sometimes I buy accessories when on a budget? Well leather bags are the exception to the rule. If you're spending a little it's PU, not leather, and I tend to only invest in one style and wear it until its worn! The Tan Ava Zip Leather Tote is affordable when compared to other brands on the market and can fit everything, maybe a little bit too much. I recently won a competition at a baby shower where you won points for everything in your handbag...yes I do need a USB, camera, hand sanitiser, baby wipes and the list goes on...
Our other featured piece the Black Pony Hair Crossover Satchel speaks for itself - it has gorgeous pony hair on one side. We've put pony hair in the winter basket as it is too textured and heavy for summer! This style is easy wear and is appropriate for both night and day. On the plus side its available in three colours - black, red and grey!

Styling up our Pony Hair Crossover Satchel

Have we missed something?
What accessories do you swear by in Winter?


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