How to Print Clash

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Print clashing is something I love, like to think I do well, and do often. In winter I amp up the clashing to keep my wardrobe alive (although some days I turn to the ever faithful black ensemble). In store we have a lot of women say that they love how we put different prints together but would never know how to do it themselves. So we decided to write a few simple tips to get your print clashing happening! You'd be surprised how many pieces you already own that work well together, or how you can give new life to your old scarves!

1. Pair a neutral print with a bold print
Stripes are considered neutral in the print clashing world. Same can be said for leopard print. By clashing a simple stripe with soft florals you can easily achieve print clashing power. 

Tip: To start off with try clashing a stripe jumper with a bold print scarf - that way you're making baby steps and don't walk out the door to end up running to find a sand pit to hide your head in.

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2. Pick prints of the same hues/tones
Dip your toes into the print clashing world by choosing prints in the same hues and/or tones. Think a blue stripe sweater and blue floral scarf, or a spot of black and white stripe with a scarf of black, white and green. If you stick with a base colour it can be easy to tie all your prints together.

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3. Team small prints with big prints
Generally two large prints don't look great together - however some people happily break the rules and look good doing it! Two small prints almost always work. This applies with outfits and do we think interiors? We searched Pinterest for some inspiration on this part...
Images via Pinterest
Now it's your turn:
How do you print clash?
What tips do you have?


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