Episode 2- Nina Watch

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

What an emotional roller coaster! Last night brought out some big revelations from Nina (why couldn’t she and Leo have made it work?!) and foreshadowed a bit of drama to come with that new sibling on the scene. But the real tragedy was that we only got to see 2 looks from Nina! With that in mind, we are definitely loving what was on offer and we’ve put together our own version of both of her key looks: 

1. Working Class
Seems like those stripey pants are here to stay! Culottes are a unique style of pant that can be hard to pull off if you aren’t quite the right shape and height, so we’ve chosen to build this look with a different style of comfy pant. Also you have to LOVE how soft and comfy that knit looks, and how the tan belt pops on top of grey and the blue. Finish with some fine silver accessories that are looking to be this season’s signature style!

2. Sheer and Chic
We’ve been dying see to this one since we first saw ads popping up for the new season! Nina Proudman sports a gorgeous sheer shirt featuring a red, brown and blue print that is inspired by 70’s boho but still suits a modern workplace. While it is shown with grey culottes in this episode, we are loving the way it looks over jeans in the ad below. And how can you go wrong with a gorgeous printed raspberry scarf and metallic drop earrings?

How have you recreated your favourite Offpsring looks?

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