Episode 5- Nina Watch

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Was anyone else jealous watching Billie enjoy her birthday at the spa? Not to mention how stunning she looked at her birthday bash (even with gross crying face)! As for Nina, I was so relieved she finally actually wore her hair out! Here we were thinking that high bun was going to become a permanent fixture. Hopefully this starts to happen a little more often now that there is a cute/frustrating crisis management expert on the scene…

While Nina Proudman may be wrecking her reputation on national television (Carrie Bickmore - how could you?), she maintains her place in our hearts with her two gorgeous looks this week:

1. Cute Crisis
Similar to last week’s opening look, Nina is wearing the same print top but this time with a faux brown suede maxi skirt and gorgeous gold drop earrings featuring exotic cut out patterns! This look is finished with a light trench coat, gold bracelet set and fine, short mixed metal necklace (and probably some boots but we weren’t fortunate enough to see those this week).

2. Kiss Chasey
This second look has a much more delicate touch to it and it makes me wonder if they purposely chose this outfit to invoke a sense of vulnerability after the previous scene’s events. Nina is wearing small drop earrings, fine pendant necklace and beaded bracelet with her token trench coat making an appearance later on in the evening. The main feature of this outfit is a soft, short-sleeved floral dress in Autumn tones with a belt at the waist to give her a gorgeous shape.

How have you recreated your favourite Offspring looks?

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